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And finally, I would like to thank all my valued clients – past, present and new! – who have shown / will show continued faith in my design, product and company solutions.


Curious…? I hope I have aroused your attention! Please don‘t hesitate to contact me for our first personal appointment and sparring session!


And not forgetting the external help from my long-standing faithful suppliers and services. 

Engelberger Druck, Printing
ABC Druck, Printing
CAG Stans, Packa
Fischer Papier, Paper
Venzin+Bühler, Photography
Tina Sturzenegger, Photography
BA Media, Communication
KRT Media, Image editing
Flumedia, Web development
Power Solutions, Mac support
Atelier Ritter, Advertising
and more…


As you have seen, design is my area, I enjoy the consultation and development process but copywriting may not be one of my strengths!

Thank you for
your interest